Pies v Lions

wow! pies come through with another win (95pts to 55 pts). this is exciting and I really regret staying home for this one – would have been great to be a part of the Presti cheer squad.

Presti in action

Presti in action

pies kicked a crap load of points, and really, for the shots at goal (35 v 15) they should have won by much more. but there was no danger in losing, even with this flaw. pies owned the ball and most of the second half of the game was spent in collingwood’s forward 50.

i feel for trav cloke, he has his good days and his bad, leon provided some awesome entertainment, medhurst tried his best but seems to have lost his confidence, lee brown did ok on jonathan brown (browny still kicked a bag with 5 goals 4) but it was good to see someone as big as browny on browny, pendles once again came through with some more coolheaded play.  my favorite player (and has been for a few weeks now) is beams – he’s just yet another solid team member that the pies can rely on each week, it will be such a bummer if he goes to the goldcoast.

the last quarter saw presti jump back on the ground after a nasty knock to the head in the first quarter. the crowd were on presti’s side after believing  j brown was responsible for knocking him out of the game. presti got amongst it like he was having the game of his life (must have been the move from defence) – he had a few failed shots at goal, was grabbing the ball left right and centre and even had the camera man looking for him to see what he was gonna pull out next.

nick maxwell summed it up nicely last night – good win – collingwood will definitely play finals – but you can’t win the granny from 5, 6, 7 or 8. i like his thinking.

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