does this mean we’re grown up?

We went for breakfast with some friends of ours today. The restaurant was beautiful – it was really, really beautiful – and it was theirs!

When they first told us of this venture (we were out for drinks at the Tote a few weeks ago) – I have to admit I thought it would be just another breakfast place. How wrong could I be! It was fine-dining at the finest end of fine.

Nestled in the prettiest part of Maling Road – Canterbury, the place was picture perfect – they grew their own herbs, smoked their own bacon, baked their own bread – in essence they were down with all things good about food.

As we chatted over our coffees and green teas – all of a sudden I felt an awkward sensation when I realized our friends really did own this place and we might not have to pay, sheesh – I really shouldn’t have ordered those two extra sides.

Breakfast came and it was most delicious – perfectly portioned and perfectly poached we enjoyed some delicious home made beans and the tea smoked salmon was a treat.

Afterwards we were shown around the restaurant – checked out the function area and our friend’s new office… It was at that point I realized something – does this mean we are grown up? – We have friends who own beautiful restaurants and we talk with them about weddings, work and where we should live (things I’m sure I didn’t care about when I was 19). We move on with our day and concern ourselves with dishwashing liquid and if we should send our wedding invites out in envelopes or not, questions I know I didn’t care about at 19. And then I thought… Maybe it’s not about being grown up – maybe you just care about different things when your 31 than when your 19.

check out our friends restaurant Wildflower

Al fresco

Al fresco

Beautiful door of wildflower

Beautiful door of wildflower

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